Why I Oil: With Jillian from The Conscious Home


Introduce Yourself: Hi, I am Jillian and I am a 33y old stay-at-home mom of 2 little girls in Southwest Florida.

Why did you decide to try essential oils? I decided to give YLEO a try after my best friend told me of her success with Cedarwood applied to her scalp to promote thicker fuller hair. I started with Cedarwood, then Stress Away, then Valor, and then jumped in and bought the PSK. Best decision ever, I wish I hadn’t been so skeptical at first because I lost time I could have been oiling.

Why did you choose Young Living? After a lot of research and comparing the different companies, there was no denying that YL truly is the best, and there really is no comparison to other oils I had used previously. I trust that when I use these oils on my children, that they are 100% toxin-free, and that I am truly giving my children the best care possible. They have CHANGED our household, and given us so much in terms of happiness, health, and hope for our children and future grandchildren living in a cleaner more sustainable world. YLEO is so integrated into the fiber of our life that there is no living without them now.

How have essential oils helped your household? One step at a time we are moving toward a totally toxin-free home, and it wouldn’t be possible without YLEO and YL vast product line from toothpaste to laundry detergent. We oil from sunup to sundown, and it is the cutest thing when my girls ask for their oils.

What is your favorite oil? This is hard! Can I pick one favorite from the PSK and one outside the kit? In the kit, my favorite would have to be Lavender. It is incredible how much power one plant can hold within it, as Lavender has endless uses from skin irritation to restful sleep. I add it to any product that touches our skin, and when my bottle runs low I start running through worst case scenario situations in case it actually runs out before my monthly order arrives. Outside the kit my favorite oil is Jasmine. It is my happiness.

What are your top five must have oils? Top 5 must have oils. As a mom, I have my go-to’s that I can never be without, so this is my mom toolkit. Lavender, Thieves, RC, Digize, and Lemon.


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