Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils 101

What Are Essential Oils?


Essential Oils are nature’s medicine.  They have been used throughout history for health, cosmetic, and religious purposes.  There are three ways to use Essential Oils: Topically, Internally, and through Inhalation.  Which way you use them is up to you!  I personally prefer to use oils by diffusing them in the air (inhalation), but I’ve started to use them topically on myself and my children.


Why Should I use Essential Oils?

The real question is why wouldn’t you?  There are so many health and wellness benefits to essential oils.


The benefits my family have seen from essential oil usage are amazing.  We are all getting a better quality of sleep, are calmer, and are happier.  I love knowing the products I use are toxin free and safe for my kid’s to use as well.


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